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Learn how to get in on the Drawing for Dillon a complete XL 750

*Attention Massachusetts Residents

All Massachusetts residents Must mail us a copy of your License to carry Before you place your order. This is required by your State so we must comply.

Please include an email address and we will send confirmation.

Mail copy to Slippery Bullets

1 Hardy Rd Suite 196

Bedford NH 03110.

Free Bullets and other Reloading Giveaways On our Facebook group “Slippery Bullets and Reloading” we announce monthly drawings. many times you don’t have to buy from us to get in on the drawing. We just gave away 1000 Small Pistol Primers to a lucky winner. All that had to be done to get entered was invite someone to join the group.

We Just announced an annual drawing for a Dillon XL 750.  For Every 500 Bullets you purchase from us get an entry into the dillon 750 drawing. This is a complete Dillon xl 750 set up for the caliber of your choosing.

I Think That’s the Best Price you’ll Ever find on a Dillon XL750

Load Data For Coated Cast Bullets- We Recommend using cast bullet load data. One of the greatest benefits to Reloading Bullets is customizing loads for your firearms. 

We have pushed our bullets to magnum velocities out of pistols and rifles with out any issues. We do not recommend any specific loads. Get yourself a good reloading manual with cast data. 

Our Coated Cast Lead Bullets Currently all Our Coated Cast Bullets are Made from hard Ball alloy or our “Cowboy Alloy” We have developed our own alloy for Cowboy action shooting. Our Cowboy Alloy is about 12bhn. The cowboy alloy is great for  lower velocities used in cowboy action shooting.  it also works great for any lower velocity loads.   We buy only Premium certified lead alloys.  We do not use scrap lead. We coat our bullets with a premium Polymer coating designed for bullets. 


In Stock/backorder – All Bullet orders ship with in 2 weeks. The backorder tag on our website just means we have not finished every process of the manufacturing. Typically they are cast and just need to be coated and sized. We do this because of our multiple colors. 

Bullet Sizes- All Bullets are sized to the common cast bullet size. For example 9mm is sized to .356 diameter. a jacketed bullet is typically .355 Your firearm may require a different size. We recommend going .001-.002 over groove diameter of your barrel. If you want a different size then listed, email us at slipperybullet@gmail.com about the size you want. We will do custom sizes if we have the sizer for that size.

Shipping- All orders of 1000 or more ships free when you enter code 1000free at checkout

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