38/40 180 RNFP


38/40 180gn RNFP Polymer Coated Bullets

Product #3840HT


**we can do custom sizes just email Slipperybullet@gmail.com

38-40 180Grain RNFP  BB Sized to .401  Polymer Jacket
RNFP – Round Nose Flat Point
BB – Bevel Base makes it so the bullet loads into the case easier without having to over flaring the case mouth.
Polymer Jacket- our bullets have a polymer coating that molecularly bonds to the bullet encapsulating it.
There are so many benefits to reloading polymer coated bullets vs traditional cast lead bullets.
No handling raw lead in the loading and shooting process. Your reloading dies stay cleaner. No lead in your gun barrels.
Less smoke then traditionally lubed bullets.


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

500, 1000, 2500


Zombie Green, Copper Red, Brick Red


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