44-40 208 RNFP Black Powder Lubed Bullets


Introducing the 44-40 208 RNFP Black Powder Lubed Bullets Perfect for 44-40 also known as 44WCF. These bullets can be sized to .427, .428, or .429 diameter and come with a large lube groove to hold ample lube. Lubed with SPG Tropical Lube, our black powder bullets ensure superior performance.

You can choose Bulk Pack of 500 to save some money but it wll be a bit more messy to work with as they are all together in the box. We also offer These individually packaged to keep the mess to a minimum But it is labor intensive so the price reflects that.

Individual packaging option will be delayed as we have not received the packaging yet. You can place the order as we will ship in the order we receive the orders.


50, 450, 1000




.427, .428, .429


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